POF Eye (Corner Shoot Gun) has been developed by the Pakistan Ordinance Factory. 
POF Eye is designed  to be used by the Special Services Group of Pakistan Army in Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Rescue Operations.

 Pakistan Ordinance Factory POF Eye allows the special force's operators to both see and attack an armed target without exposing the operator to any danger.
POF Eye can be fitted with many type of weapons including standard 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, MP-5 sub-machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher.
Pakistan Ordinance Factory POF Eye (Corner Shoot Gun) makes use of high resolution camera, laser sight and a colored LCD to allow its operator to observe the hostile targets behind the wall or at the corner. POF Eye can turn 75 degrees.

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  1. Great acheivment for Pakistan Ordnance Factories God bless Pakistan.

  2. God bless Pakistan Ordnance Factories

  3. ripping off an israeli idea. but then one wouldn't expect much originality from a firm that does its business by copying other designs..........


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