Pakistan Navy has signed a contract with the French company DCNS to purchase Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System (SUBTICS) for the old Agosta 70 diesel-electric submarines. This contract was signed by the Pakistan Navy in June.Pakistan Navy has already purchased three Agosta 90B diesel-electric submarines from France two of which were built in Pakistan under license.

Pakistan is also looking for atleast three additional modern submarines with option of atleast another four. 

France has already tried to push through its most modern submarine design called Marlin SSK. Marlin submarines  s based on the Scropene submarine which is already being purchased by the Indian navy. DCNS sold six Scorpene submarines to India for $3.9 billion in 2005. These submarines are being assembled by Mazagon Docks but the program has suffered from time delays.

Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW)have also offered its best submarine called U-214 SSK. This is considered one of the most advance diesel-electric submarines and is favored by the Pakistan navy. So far no contract has been signed with HDW.

Construction of Agosta 70 class was started in 1970.Four have also been built by Bazán at Cartagena for the Spanish Navy and two for Pakistan by Dubigeon, France.The Agosta 70 is a double-hulled submarine, of conventional design which is fitted with only four are 533 mm (21 inch) torpedo tubes. These submarines carry large number of reloads with them and total number of torpedoes/ missiles carried by these submarines is 20.

Pakistan Navy is looking to purchase atleast 7 New Submarines out of which three will be German Type 214 submarine and four Chinese Type 039A (Yuan Class) submarines. In November 2008, Pakistan agreed to purchase three Type 214 submarines and the commercial contract was finalized up to 95 per cent.

President Asif Zardari overruled Pakistan navy’s preference for the German U-214 SSK and tried to force his decision to purchase French “Scorpion or Marlin ” submarines which are almost 30% less capable compared to the German U 214 SSK in term of capabilities.

Agosta 70 HASHMAT (S 135)

Builder Dubigeon Normandie, Nantes, France
Laid down 15 Sep 1976
Launched 14 Dec 1977
Commissioned 17 Feb 1979

Agosta 70 HURMAT (S 136)
Builder Dubigeon Normandie, Nantes, France
Laid down 18 Sep 1977
Launched 1 Dec 1978
Commissioned 18 Feb 1980

General Specifications


In service with Pakistan Navy: 5 (2 Agosta 70+ 3 Agosta 90B)


Surfaced: 1,490 t
Submerged: 1,740 t
Submerged (MESMA version): 1,960 t

Length: Agosta 70 - 67.6 m
Agosta 90B - 76.27 m
Beam: 6.8 m
Draught: 5.4 m 


Surfaced: 12 kts
Submerged: 20 kts

Diving depth: Agosta - 300 m
Agosta 90B - 350 m 


Snorting: 8,500 n miles at 9 kts
Submerged: 350 n miles at 3.5 kts

Complement: Agosta 70 - 54 (7 officers);
Complement: Agosta 90B - 36


Main Machinery: 2 SEMT-Pielstick 16 PA4 V 185 VG supercharged diesels; 2.65 MW (3,600 hp(m))

Alternators: 2 - 1.7 MW

Electric motor: 1 motor; 3.75 MW (4,600 hp(m)) for 5 min or 2,200 kW (3,000 hp(m)) sustained

Creep motor: 1 electric motor; 23 kW (31 hp(m))

Fuel tank capacity: 220 m3 (7,770 cu ft)

Battery: 2 groups, each of 160 cells

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