Project to induct the PNS Alamgir in naval fleet of the Pakistan has suffered a major setback this Friday when it was damaged. Incident happened when PNS Alamgir’s engines were being tested after overhaul; it moved forward and crashed into the pier. Ship’s bow and hull suffered heavy damage in this incident.

In order to perform complete overhaul PNS Alamgir’s diesel engines were removed from the vessel and refitted latter. As part of renovation new navigation suite has been installed in the ship. Ship’s hull-mounted AN/SQS-56 active/passive sonar has also been completely overhauled.

Several other items including ship’s bridge, shafting, controllable pitch propeller system and Fuel tanks were inspected and renovated.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) is more than 30 years old Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate which was decommissioned by the USN last year and handed over to the Pakistan Navy. USS McInerney (FFG-8) was renamed PNS Alamgir (F 260) and officially re-commissioned into the PN on 31st August last year.

Pakistan Navy has requested the United States government for atleast six to eight frigates of this class to replace the very old six Type 21 frigates which were acquired by the Pakistan in 1993–1994 and class was renamed by the Pakistani Navy as the Tariq class.

Three Type 21 frigates are equipped with the US Harpoon antiship missiles for anti surface capability and remaining three frigates were equipped with the Chinese six cell LY-60N antiaircraft missiles for limited air-defense capability.

USS McInerney (FFG-8 ) entered into service with the US Navy in December 1979 and later on its Mk 13 launchers (for SM-1 and Harpoon missiles) were removed from the ship. While ship was given free of cost its repairs will cost around USD78 million. Pakistan Navy is the ninth navy to operate Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) was supposed to complete its trails this month and sail for its new home next month. It is yet to be determined how much extra cost and time would be required to enable the ship to perform active duty.

PNS Alamgir will play an active role in anti terrorism operations of Combined Task Force 151 and Combined Task Force 150.

PNS Alamgir is 138 meters long, displaces 4100 tons and can sustain speeds of 30 knots. It is equipped with AN/SQS-56 active/passive sonar and two Mk 32 triple-tube (324 mm) launchers for Mark 46 torpedoes for Anti-submarine operations.

Ship’s Mk 13 Mod 4 launcher used to fire the Harpoon and SM-1MR missiles has been removed while the ship was in service with the USN, It is yet to be seen if the launcher will be refitted to give the ship both anti-surface and anti-aircraft capability.

So far no information is available if PN will upgrade its Alamgir class with 8 cell Mk 41 VLS for Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile like done by the Royal Australian Navy and Turkish Navy.

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  1. Most programs we have with the US to strengthen our military, seem to be falling appart.

    They're adamantly refusing to sell us UCAVs(they insist on flying their own UCAVs in the area indiscriminately killing everyone - aged folks to infant children, they're the judge, jury, executioner - no accountability) and the Shadow UAV deal is also troubled.

    They agreed to deliver 28 F-16A/Bs that were paid for in the 80's, but only delivered 14. And the Navy asked for six OHP-class ships, only got one, and it looks like even that deal might not go through.

    And all the while, they're building India up militarily, breaking all the Nuclear Supplier's Group laws to accomodate them, giving them access to the latest nuclear energy tech - while not even letting Pakistan set up nuclear powerplants with China.

    They've wrecked our national highway structure with their supply caravans, and have no respect for the law. In Lahore today, a US embassy official ran over and killed a civilian motorcyclist, and when people chased after the embassy vehicle to stop it from fleeing the scene, they took out guns and started shooting civilians.

    They're screwing us every way they can. While sell-outs in our media tell us it's all just conspiracy theories and how the US is our *ally*.


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