Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) of the Pakistan Navy, Admiral Noman Bashir has exchanged views on areas of mutual interest including the defense cooperation with the French Naval Chief.

French Naval chief Admiral Pierre-Francois Forissier along with his wife and several other officials from the French navy visited the Naval Headquarters of the Pakistan Navy at the invitation of the Pakistani Naval chief. Guest was given Guard of Honor by the cadets of the Pakistan Navy.

Admiral Pierre-Francois Forissier will also meet the Pakistani Defense Minister, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and Air Chief.

Pakistan Navy has recently contracted the DCNS to supply the Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System (SUBTICS) for two Agosta 70 submarines PNS Hashmat (S135) and PNS Hurmat (S136). Pakistan Navy is also operating three Agosta 90B submarines also known as the ‘Khalid class SSK’ in Pakistani service.

First of the Khaild class SSK called PNS Khalid (S137) was produced in DCN in 1999 and PNS Saad (S138)in & PNS Hamza (S139) were produced by the Karachi Ship Yard in Pakistan. PNS Hamza (S139) is also equipped with the MESMA air-independent propulsion (AIP) system.

Pakistan confirmed the option to retrofit the PNS Khalid and PNS Saad with MESMA air-independent propulsion (AIP) system. MESMA air-independent propulsion (AIP) kits will be supplied to the Karachi dockyard this year by the France.

MESMA air-independent propulsion system will allow the Pakistani Agosta 90B submarines to remain submerged three times longer when compared to the conventional submarine.

Pakistan navy has recently shown interest in purchase of atleast three additional new generation submarines to fill the gap created by the retirement of the four Pakistani Daphne Class submarines. Eventual requirement is of eight new generation submarines.

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  1. pakistan defence is more important than personal intrest german type 214 and frence marlin class subs are great ability to detect and attack any subs but pakistan ignoring quality of weapon pakistan goes with chinease subs in this cade my suggestion to my honourable navy and goverment officials to do something better for pakistan navy


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