The fighter pilots of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and Turkish Air Force are missing after their T-37 fighter jet trainer crashed in sea in Turkey. The T-37 fighter jet trainer was on a training mission when it crashed in the Aegean Sea, near the Turkish Air Base.

The spokesperson of the Pakistan Air Force has confirmed that Squadron leader Masood Hussain took off from Turkish Air Base in a training mission when it crashed into the sea.

The PAF spokesperson  has said that Turkish rescue team have been able to recover some parts of the wreckage of the  T-37 fighter jet trainer 5 kilometers away from shore of the Aegean Sea but so far both instructor pilot Masood Hussain and other trainee pilots are missing .

A frigate of the Turkish Navy, two helicopters, boats of the Turkish Coast Guard and  search & rescue teams of the Turkish Air Force are taking part in the rescue operation.

The Squadron leader Masood Hussain was in Turkey as flight instructor to help train Turkish fighter pilots.  

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  1. if anybody having any kind of information regarding plane crash in turky near izmir base fighter jet T-37 Pilot name masood hussain please contact at this number 00923004691931

  2. Lets Pray to Allah Almighty and hope that both of them were able to survive the crash

  3. This is sad, let's pray both pilots are safe and sound.

    The jet, appears to be Turkish, and not Pakistani like the title says. Even the roundel in the picture is Turkish.

  4. @ Qasim.
    The title (and story) only talk about a Pakistani and Turkish pilot (which is true). But you are right. This was a TUAF T-37 from the 122 FILO, Cigli Air Base.

  5. Allah pak haey bhie ko shi slamt ghar wapas la aae ``amin``


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