Defense Attaché at the Pakistani embassy in Sultanate of Oman, Captain Naveed Anwar Cheema that F-22P PNS Zulfiquar (251) warship, Agosta 90B class diesel attack submarines (SSK) PNS/M Hamza (S139) and PNS Behr Paima hydrographic & research vessel of the Pakistan Navy will be visiting the Oman from February 19 to 22.

|This naval flotilla will be commanded by Commodore Sohail Abid, who will meet with the military and civil leadership of the Sultanate of Oman. Pakistani warships will be berthed at Salalah Port and dignitaries from the Sultanate of Oman will be allowed to visit the latest Pakistani warship.

PNS/M Hamza (S139) is one of the only few submarines in Asia to have air-independent propulsion (AIP) system which allows it ti stay underwater for weeks which is considered a big improvement over traditional  diesel attack submarines.

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