While there are thousands of documents containing millions of secrets, none could be as earth shattering for the Pakistanis as the one released about the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

We see the daily protests against the US drone attack on the Pakistani soil and we see that government officials coming out of their offices and saying that they won’t be allow it to happen such attacks any more, they will take up the matter with the US officials, they can’t do anything because Pakistan don’t have any capability to stop these attacks and there is no agreement permitting such attacks.

Two years ago on November 2010 he said in National Assembly “Such attacks are intolerable, and we protest against it”. He also said rejected the claims by the Pakistani media that there exists an agreement between Pakistan and US about these drone attacks.

In one of the cables released by the WikiLeaks, Mr. Gilani was quoted saying that he doesn’t care about these attacks by the US unmanned aerial vehicles. This meeting took place in August two years ago.

Rehman Malik who is the Interior Minister of Pakistan was also present in the meeting. Interior Minister was of the view that these attacks should be stopped for some time to cool down the public but Pakistan’s Prime Minister said that he doesn’t care as long as militants are being killed in these attacks.

He also said that current government will protest against these attacks in the National Assembly of Pakistan for some time as they violate our sovereignty and later on everyone will pay no attention to it.

This news is an example of the policy of the current government run by the Pakistan People's Party which is using the “lying to the face of the Pakistan people” as tool to cool down the growing anger among the people of Pakistan against the policies of government.

One wonders if this policy of allowing the drone attacks by the US is as good and effective as claimed by the Prime Minister then why not come up with facts in front of the nation and share rather than saying behind doors do whatever you like just don’t tell them that we agreed with you.

If democratic governments run by the parities where leaders who rather than being elected are inheriting the leadership like a crown we will keep running into the times like this and dictators will keep knocking on the doors of Pakistan.

Only way to stop the dictatorship from ever coming back into Pakistan is to have a government that follows the democratic values to the latter rather than looking how to complete their term and using all the undemocratic means to achieve their objectivists.

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