Inter Services Public Relations' (ISPR) Director General Major General Athar Abbas has said that Afghan province of Kunar and Nooristan are the safe havens for the terrorists. He said that many high level terrorists and their supporters are hiding in these two Afghan provinces.

ISPR director said, “the recent terror attacks from Afghanistan have testify our words”. “We have already voiced our concern over the pull out of NATO and Afghan forces from these areas.“

He said that terrorist leaders hiding in these two Afghan provinces include Fazlullah, Faqeer Muhammad, Abdul Wali and Hakimullah.

He said that these terrorists groups use Afghanistan as their launching base to attack Pakistani check posts, primary schools and local population.

General Athar Abbas said, “Terrorists from Swat have found refugee in Kunar and Nooristan and from there they mount cross-border attacks inside Pakistan.”

He said that pakistani security forces has established over 900 security check-posts alongside the border with Afghanistan and over 147,000 trained military personals are trying to protect this border. 
He said that very low number of Afghan security check post and inaction by the Afghan security forces is one of the main reason behind the increasing terrorist infiltration.

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