Despite strong protests by the common Pakistanis and half hearted requests by the Pakistani Federal Government, United States shows no signs of decreasing the pace of drone strikes against the targets in FATA, tribal belt along the border with Afghanistan.

In latest strike, United States’ MQ-9 Reaper drone fired two hellfire missiles a house in Mir Ali, in the North Waziristan tribal district. Security officials have confirmed that house was destroyed because of the missile strike and atleast four suspected militants may have been among the dead.

This was the 20th drone attack since the attack by the US SEALs in Abbottabad on May 2. A total of 37 missile strikes have been reported this year as of June. Last year United States launched around 118 drone strikes in the Pakistani tribal belt.

High number of civilian causalities, violations Pakistan’s of sovereignty and illegal status of these missile strikes by the US drones has been one of the largest factors in the anger in the 7th largest country of world which houses 2nd largest Muslim population.

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