Commander of the military operations in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Lieutenant General Asif Yasin Malik has asked US and NATO forces in Afghanistan to act against safe havens of the terror groups in Afghanistan.

Pakistani General said that Pakistan Army will keep fighting against the terrorist groups in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa until the complete security of the common people is can be ensured.
Corps Commander Lieutenant General Asif Yasin Malik said, “We will take action against the terrorists in our area and Nato and Afghanistan should also take action against them (terrorists) in their area across the border.

He said, “Pakistan will not tolerate any infiltration in its area. The Afghan government and Nato should not allow terrorists’ safe havens in Afghan provinces along the Pakistan border.”

This statement has come after record increase in the Cross-border attacks against Pakistani security check posts from Afghanistan.

In many of the cases, over 200 to 300 "terrorists" attack Pakistani paramilitary Frontier Corps check posts. Afghan terrorists are using their safe havens in Kunar and Nuristan provinces with the support of local Afghan authorities.

So far both NATO and ANA [Afghan National Army] forces have turned a blind eye towards Afghan terrorists targeting Pakistan and no action has been taken to eliminate terrorist safe havens in Kunar and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan.

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