Sino-Pak JF-17 Thunder Displays Its Weapons Range at the 13th Dubai International Air Show. The JF-17 Thunder fighter jet was displayed along with 180km range C-802A Anti-ship Missile, CM-400 AKG Supersonic Anti Ship And Standoff Land Attack missile Missile, SD-10A Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM), PL-5E II WVRAAM, LS-6 Satellite Aided Inertially Guided Bomb, LT-2/LS-500J Laser Guided Bomb, LT-3 Laser / Satellite Aided Inertially Guided Bomb and LT-2 Laser Guided Bomb.

Pakistan Air Force's JF-17 Thunder Completes 10,000 Sorties
Getting Up Close and Personal Tour of RD-93 Engine of JF-17
Video of JF-17 Taking Off & Landing with C-802A Anti-Ship Missiles
HQ Video of Aerial Display by JF-17 at Dubai Air Show 2011
Buy Three JF-17 Thunders For Price of One F-16: Pak Defence Minister
Egyptian Air Force 'Very Interested' in the JF-17 Thunder: EFE Air Chief
JF-17 Thunder's Weaponry Detailed
JF-17 Thunder at Static Display Along with Weapons At Dubai Air Show
JF-17 Thunder Aerial Display At Dubai Air Show
JF-17 Thunder from No.16 Squadron "Black Panthers" At Dubai Air Show
Pakistani Saab-2000 Erieye AEW&C at Dubai Air Show 2011
Pakistan Gears Up For Dubai Airshow 2011 With 7 Aircraft

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