HQ Video of Aerial Display by JF-17 at Dubai Air Show 2011

Pakistan Air Force is participating with seven aircrafts at the Dubai Airshow 2011. Organisers of the Dubai Air Show 2011 has said that pp to 1,000 exhibitors from 50 different countries will participate in air show.

Thee JF-17 Thunder fighter jets of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) will take part in this year's Dubai Air Show. One Jf-17 Thunder will perform aerobatic manoeuvres, second will be ready as replacement if first JF-17 suffers from some problem, while third will be used as for the static display at the air show. 

This will be the first appearance of the JF-17 Thunderby at the Middle Eastern airshow. The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (CAC) has jointly developed the FC-1 / JF-17 Thunder as an affordable forth generation aircraft.  

Pakistan has made considerable investment in the PAC to support the full-spectrum airframe & major avinoics production capability. 

Pakistani JF-17 project management team headed is by Air Vice Marshal Mohammed Arif.  The Air Vice Marshal Mohammed Arif has said "We have learnt how to integrate different avionics and weapon systems on to the JF-17."  This will allow Pakistan and China to customize the aircraft to effectively meet the requirements of the customer.

Pakistan and China have already created a joint marketing organisation to promote the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet to the international customers.

Two K-8 Karakuram intermediate jet trainer and MFI-395 Super Mushshak basic trainer aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force will also take part in the airshow.  Pakistan Aeronautical Complex has successfully exported the MFI-395 Super Mushshak to many Middle Eastern countries.

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  1. Dubai Airshow 2011 has started and we can even view the planes flying all over the city and mainly in Dubai international Airport area.


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