India and Russia has signed an agreement for the joint development and production of the 5th generation stealth fighter jet. This contract is very much like the one for supersonic cruise missile Brahmos.

Brahmos was based on the already ready for production Russian Yakhont antiship cruise missile. Few Software and guidance chances were made to the Russian Yakhont supersonic antiship missile to meet the Indian requirements and result of those changes was Brahmos missile.

In a similar fashion, India has agreed to invest some $5.50 billion to redesign the prototype of the Russian PAK FA/T-50 which is already flying. India hopes to purchase over 250 of these the 5th generation stealth fighter jet at cost of around $ 30 billion.

Indian Air Force plans to purchase twin seater version of the aircraft but it is assumed that initially it may buy around two Squadron of single seater PAK FA/T-50.

Sukhoi was awarded the contract to design and develop the PAK FA for Russia's Air Force in 2002 and design was completed by the end of 2004. First prototype was manufactured in later 2009 with first flight on January 29, 2010.

Russian PAK FA/T-50 will have a MTOW of more than 30 tons which putts it into the same class of Su-27/Su-30MKI fighter aircrafts. Current prototype uses the 117S (upgraded AL-31) turbofan engines. Second prototype of the PAK FA/T-50 will get in air next month.

Russian PAK FA/T-50 will have all the advance features 5th generation aircrafts such as stealth to avoid detection at long ranges, super cruise to reach in the intended target area quickly without using the fuel guzzler afterburners and AESA radar among other sensors to provide it with a significant advantage over the foe’s 4th generation aircrafts.

Interm of capabilities only USAF’s F-22 Raptor and F-35 can match the operational PAK-FA.

Approximate Specifications of Russian PAK FA/T-50

Length: 22 Meters
MTOW: 37 tons
NTOW: 20 tons
Payload: 8 Tons
Internal Weapons: 8 Air to Air Missiles
Speed: M2.0
RSC: 0.05 m2

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