Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir was the Chief Guest at the launching ceremony of the 1st Fast Attack Craft (Missile) being built for Pakistan Navy here at Xingang Shipyard, Tianjin, China.

He said that the project of Fast Attack Craft (Missile) construction represents a quantum leap, not only in Defence Production in naval Sector of Pakistan, but also will meet the long standing operational requirement of Pakistan Navy for the Fast Attack Crafts.

AZMAT Class Fast Attack Craft (Missile) has a crew of 12 to 14 sailors which is less than half that of similar FAC(M). Each FAC(M) will cost of around $50 million each.

PNS AZMAT is speculated to be a 500-600 ton, 60-meter Fast Attack Craft (Missile) which will be equipped with eight C-802A/CSS-N-8 Saccade anti-ship missiles.

First Fast Attack Craft (Missile) will be called AZMAT FAC(M) and it is scheduled to be delivered to Pakistan Navy Fleet by April 2012. These ships will be known as AZMAT Class FAC(M)s in service with Pakistan Navy.

Chief of Naval Staff said that induction of Missile Crafts will supplement Pakistan Navy’s warfare capabilties He cherished the hard work put in by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSOC) and Pakistan Navy team in realizing the construction of the ship in a short time.

Admiral Noman Bashir said, “Pak-China relationship is unique and does not draw any parallel in the world. This relationship over the years has matured in all fields, particularly in defence.” He said that production of the second Fast Attack Craft (Missile) in Pakistan will also be accomplished with the active help of our Chinese friends.

AZMAT Fast Attack Craft (Missile) is equipped with C802A Surface-to-Surface Anti-Ship Missiles which has a range of 180 kilometers. AZMAT FAC(M) uses latest stealthy features to avoide detection from long ranges. force. Admiral Noman Bashir said that AZMAT FAC(M) is equipped with the high tech weapons and sensors to preform extremely versatile missions.

AZMAT Class Fast Attack Craft (Missile) 

  • Tender for Two  Fast Attack Craft was released in February 2010
  • Contact was Awarded in December 2010 to CSOC
  • Construction of First FAC-M Started in March 2011
  • First FAC-M Launched in September 2011
  • First FAC-M is scheduled to be delivered in April 2012
  • It will be equipped with 8 x C802A Surface-to-Surface Anti-Ship Missiles which has a range of 180 kilometers.

Images of Fast Attack Craft (FAC) Launched in Karachi

Pictures of PNS AZMAT Fast Attack Craft (Missile)?

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  1. Capabilities currently known are:

    -Full load displacement of 500-600 tons
    -Overall length of 60 meters (196.8ft)
    -Radius of action equal to or greater than 500 nautical miles, max speed 30 knots
    -Complement of 55-60 personnel
    -And fitted with the following weapon and sensor systems:
    -8 Chinese C-802A SSMs
    -Two 25mm close range semi-automatic EO/IR AA guns
    -Two 12.7mm machine guns
    -Chaff and IR decoys
    -Air/Surface search radar with track while scan (TWS) function
    -Electro optical director and fire control radars for associated weapons
    -Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) System
    -Modern C3 System


  2. Thanks Qasim

    Friend as you may see that AZMAT Class Fast Attack Craft (Missile) will have a crew of 12 to 14 sailors which is less than half that of similar FAC(M).

    not as stated here

    Complement of 55-60 personnel

    which is simply wrong

    as well as these specifications are missing the close-in weapon system (CIWS) which PN's FAC-M will have


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