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  1. According to Pakistan,
    Indian quality of different weapon systems being used by the Indian armed forces which are not operational or ready for a war,than pakistan shud do an kargil(2)to get the real punch of the Indian force.No sooner american marines along with indian army will be on indian soil,to counter china & pakistan.
    The wepons system both India & china have russian origin which wont deter to INDIA.

  2. Laldo USA is not crazy that it will take active part against Pak-China,,,
    2ndly Pak do not depend on its arsenal this is passion to crush India alwasy that will destroy India our PAF is Alhamdulillah 100times more than Indian have you forget MM ALAM, Rafiqi, TT and Khaja Hassan and so on PAF is only AirForce of the region that has made opertion against India, Israel and Russia with very limited resourses,,,,,, So please think again and again before any assult,,


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