Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) displayed the Huma-1 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle for the public for the first time at the International Defence Exhibition & Seminar IDEAS-2006.

IDS officials told the reporters that it has used composite materials to decrease the overall empty weight and Radar absorbent paint for the low RCS (Radar Cross Section) of the Huma-1 UAV to avoid early detection by enemy radars. Huma-1 has a maximum speed of speed 180km/h with endurance 5 to 6 hours.

Huma-1 was designed to provide real-time video feedback to the operators from a distance of 100 km.Huma-1 unmanned aerial vehicle can carry payload 20 kg, it has wingspan of 4.4m and its maximum take-off weight is 130 kg. It can be launched by using a rocket booster and is recovered by parachute.

Huma-1 unmanned aerial vehicle flew for the first time in 2003 and is offered for battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance. IDS also offered the Pakistan Army an enlarged derivative of the Huma-1 with increased payload and endurance.

Both Huma-1 and Huma-II Tactical unmanned aerial vehicles were offered to the Pakistan Army for the Uqaab Tactical unmanned aerial vehicle project.

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