Albadeey Technologies has developed two tactical surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle system which are called Hud Hud II and Hud Hud III. Hud Hud III is the enlarged version of the Hud Hud II unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Hud Hud III UAV has maximum speed of speed 150km/h with endurance of 6 hours. Hud Hud III UAV is designed to carry larger payload of 40 Kg. and transmit high resolution pictures and video feed back to the ground station from a distance of 100 km.

Albadeey participated in the competition launched by the Pakistan Army’s competition for the Uqaab Tactical unmanned aerial vehicle Project and offered Hud Hud II and its larger Hud Hud III unmanned aerial vehicle systems to the Pakistan Army.

The Albadeey Technologies also produces the ABJT is a medium range expendable high speed jet powered target drone for air-to-air, AAA and SAM training. It is available in auto-pilot (5km), and BVR (20km) versions. Normal range is 2km.

Hud Hud II & III Tactical UAVs of Albadeey Technologies

Uqaab Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

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