Pakistan air force has sent three JF-17 Thunder fighter jets from the No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' to participate in Izmir Air Show in Turkey.
.Pakistani JF-17 Thunder fighter jets of No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' arein Turkey to participate in Izmir International Air Show to celebrate the 100 Years of Turkish Air Force.

JF-17 Thunder fighter jet has been developed jointly developed by the Pakistan aeronautical complex and Chinese Chengdu Aircraft.
Pakistan air force is looking to purchase over 250 JF-17 Thunders to replace its Nanchang A-5, Chengdu F-7P / PG and Dassault Mirage III / V fighter aircraft.
JF-17 Thunder uses DSI (Divertless Supersonic Intake)
JF-17 Thunders can carry C-802A Anti-Ship missile which has a range of 180 km for maritime strike role.
JF-17 Thunder can carry four SD-10A BVRAAM and two Short Range air to air missiles.
No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' was the first Squadron to be equipped with JF-17 Thunder fighter jets.

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