Regestration From 19th Decenmber To 24th December, 2011
  • Research Asst (Male)
  • LDC (Male / Female)
  • Foreman (Inst Fitt) Male 
  • Foreman (Eng Fitt) Male 
  • Foreman (AFR Fitter) Male 
  • Asst Foreman (Elect Fitt) Male
  • Asst Foreman (Painter) Male  
  • Asst Foreman (Inst Fitt) Male 
  • HS-II (Photo Film Maker / Developer) Male 
  • HS-I (Machine Operator, Print Man) Male 
  • Ground Signal Operator-II (Male) 
  • Ground Signal Operator-1 (Male) 
  • Lab Foreman (Male) STM Technicians (Male) 
  • MT Driver (Male) Medical Assistant (Male / Female) 
  • Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Male
  • Mid Wife (Female) 
  • HS-II (Machine Operator, Printman) Male 
  • Patwari (Male) 
  • Khadim-e-Masjid (Male) 
  • Cook (Male) 
  • Nursing Sister AFNS (L) Female 
  • Storeman (Male / Female) 
  • Charge Hand (Armt Fitt) Male
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