Pakistan Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC) today has test fired improved version of Shaheen IA (Hatf-IV) intermediate range ballistic missile which can deliver nuclear and conventional warheads.

Shaheen IA (Hatf-IV) is a highly capable single stage solid fuel missile which employs terminal guidance to destroy its target with pinpoint accuracy.

Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lieutenant General ® Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, Chairman NESCOM Muhammad Irfan Burney, Commander Army Strategic Force Command, Lieutenant General Tariq Nadeem Gilani witnessed the test of the Shaheen 1A ballistic missile.

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  1. This was to follow hence one need not get petrified or apprehensive about Pakistan test firing Hatf-4 nuclear-capable ballistic missile shortly after (6days) India having test fired Agni-V. Time alone will end this reciprocal reactions with regard to missile test fires etc and shall erase the 'Red Land' and 'Fox Land' perceptions. Antipathy, scepticism and distrust poignant since 1947 cannot evaporate over night so one has to wait and keep making efforts with sincerity to improve bilateral relations. Pakistan or India or for that matter any other nation has every right to safeguard their nation and maintain the desired vigil on their borders and work towards maintaining their national security. Hence when India had test fired Agni-V and the citizens of India were happy about it now diplomatic maturity lies in accepting with grace and dignity Pakistan test firing Hatf-4 ballistic missile. Not very cordial reactions or not very pleasant comments should be refrained from. China too may follow suit and test fire their ballistic missiles. The approach that needs to be adopted by the three neighbours viz. Republic of India, The People's Republic of China and The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is to work on other areas of cooperation and improve diplomatic communication besides work towards framing a long term economic policy of promoting trade and commerce rather than getting bogged down by the testing of ballistic missiles. 'Diplomatic Childhood' it is time the three neighbours India, Pakistan and China renounce and replace with 'Diplomatic Maturity' most needed during this time. Sino-Indo-Pak relations are changing and a complete metamorphosis is needed. This is the concept to be accepted and promoted by the citizens of these three neighbouring countries with earnest and sincerity.


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