Pakistani company Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) will jointly produce Runway Penetration Bomb (RPB) with Azerbaijan. This was announced by the marketing director of GIDS, Mohammad Salman at the IDEX-2011 International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

He said that GIDS is in discussions with the Azerbaijan on this project. He said that that Runway Penetration Bombs offered by the GIDS are developed according to the international standards and has been exported to different countries.

Global Industrial & Defense Solutions (GIDS) was established in 2007. It deals with the exports and marketing of military, industrial and technological products and services produced by a group of local firms. GIDS offer Tactical UAVs, Aerial bombs, C4I Air Defense Automation Systems, Airborne Video Tape Recorder System, Infrared Flares & Dispenser System and many other products.

Runway Penetration Bombs (RPB) offered by the GIDS are known as Hafr-1 & Hafr-2 an anti-runway weapon. It is developed and produced by the Air Weapons Complex of Pakistan (AWC) which is now known as Advanced Engineering Research Organisation (AERO). Hafr Runway Penetration Bomb (RPB) is similar to the French Durandal RPB.

It is already being employed by the Pakistan Air Force's F-16, Mirage III, Mirage V and PAC/Chengdu JF-17 Thunder aircraft. In September 2008 GIDS also offered the Libya to help them in the refurbishment of Durandal weapons locally.

Hafr Runway Penetration Bombs are developed to neutralize hard concrete targets like runways, bunkers. After delivery Hafr series bombs decelerates to a very low speed to correct the penetration angle and the fire a built-in rocket motor to increase speed of the bomb for penetration into the hard target. Hafr series can be launched from high speeds of 800 to 1100 kilometers per hour from very low altitude of 60 meters.

Hafr Runway Penetration Bombs are equipped with warhead of around 100 kg. It has a parachute attached to the rear for deceleration and a rocket motor which burns for 0.45 seconds and provides a thrust of 10 tons for re-acceleration to 280 m/s.

Specification of Hafr Runway Penetration Bomb

Length: 2491 mm
Diameter: 223 mm
Weapon Weight: 200 kg
Warhead Weight: 100 kg

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