The budget for FY-2012-2013 has allotted Rs.545 billion for non-development segment of defense, which is Rs.36 billion more than that of previous year’s. Rs.209.27 billion of this allocation would be spent on salaries, Rs.143.54 billion for running expenses, Rs.120.52 billion for physical assets and Rs.57 billion have been allotted for civil works.

The Budget FY-2012-2013 has allocated Rs.264 billion for Army, (ground forces) which stands at Rs.12 billion more than previous year’s, Rs.244.48 billion. Out of this the salaries of (ground forces) Army personnel amount to Rs.146 billion.

 Pakistan Air Forces (PAF), has been allocated Rs. Rs.114 billion, with an increase of Rs.6 billion, as compared to previous year’s Rs.108 billion; out of which Rs.24.80 billion have been allotted in salaries, and Rs.22 .71 for running expenses.

 Pakistan Navy’s Rs.52.72 billion allocation stands at Rs.130, 000,000 less than it’s previous year’s allocation of Rs.52.95 billion: out of which Rs.16.35 billion have been earmarked for salaries, and Rs.8.35 billion for running expenses. Rs. 113.98 billion has been allocated in lieu of DP establishment and accounts, with Rs.24.39 billion for salaries, Rs.63.44 billion for running expenses.

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  1. So what about the Pak Military Arms spendings?

  2. What is the new Budget of Pak Military Arms spendings?

  3. I guess the rest of the money was eaten by Chordari and his pals xD


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