Pakistani News Channels are reporting that PAF Minhas Airbase / Kamra Air Base has come under attack from a terrorist group and exchange of firing started at around 2:30 and is continuing till 4:00 AM.

    Terrorists are using automatic rifles and hand grenades against the security forces. Pakistan Army is also sending its rescue and Special Operation Force teams are towards the base.

    Terrorists have been stopped at their current position and security forces are fighting had to subdue them. Unconfirmed news suggest that terrorists are wearing the uniforms of the Pakistan Air Force.

    Over 30 aircrafts including JF-17 Thunder fighter jets are present at the airbase.

    The Tribune Newspaper had already reported few days back that according to intelligence reports of the Home Department, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is planning attacks on the PAF Air Base and other military facilities .

    This is the third attack on the PAF Minhas Airbase / Kamra Air Base by the terrorists.

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      1. May Allah protect them all. Ameen

      2. Please pray for pakistan.
        May Allah give strength to the soldiers to eliminate all terrorists

      3. If this is our security measures and alertness then I'm sorry for these forces guys. But still praying...

      4. Lets hope that they dont get near the Thunders and other equipment.

        This is a serious laps in security, especially after the PNS Mehran attack.

      5. laanat ho terrorists per....

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