• Pakistan Rangers and FC has been ordered to move in to help the security force of the Pakistan Air Force at the air base.
  • Terrorists are using automatic weapons and hand grenades.
  • Terrorists have been stopped and security forces are trying to contain the situation and Pakistan Army has been called in to help PAF airbase security force.
  • Terrorist may be using uniforms of the PAF airbase security, but this remains unconfirmed.
  • FIA forensic teams has also been dispatched to the airbase to collect the evidence.  
  • Attack is very much similar to Mehran Base Attack. 
  • Terrorists are highly trained, their mission is to destroy high value assets at the Base.
  • Pakistan Army's 111-brigade squad has reached at the base to take part in the operation against the terrorists.
  • Initial news suggest that the terrorists have failed to reach the area where aircrafts of the Pakistan Air Force were parked due to action of the security forces.
  • Special Operations Force of the Pakistan Army, Special Service Group (SSG) have already reached the PAF Minhas Airbase / Kamra Air Base and are ready to assist the PAF's security force.
  • Terrorists are wearing suicide jackets.
  • At the time of attack one company of the Special Service Wing (SSW) was present at the airbase and two additional companies have reached to assist in the operation.
  • Anti-Terror unit of Pakistan Police and Paramilitary forces have deployed at the outer parameter of the airbase.
  • Terrorists have been pinned down by the commandos of the Special Service Wing (SSW).
  • Operation against the terrorist is being conducted by the Special Operations Force of the Pakistan Air Force, Special Service Wing (SSW).
  • Five to Six terrorists have been killed in action.
  • Pakistan Air Force denies the presence of the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets at the air base as Airbase and kamra Complex where Thunders are assembled are located some distance from each other.
  • Fire at the PAF Minhas Airbase / Kamra Air Base has also been controlled.
  • Killed terrorists were wearing suicide jackets.
  • Some member of the security force have been wounded during the operation out of which one is seriously wounded .
  • Rate of firing has decreased considerable compared to the first three hours.
  • It took Police over an hour to respond to the attack on the PAF airbase.
  • As per spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force, Firing has stopped at the airbase and commandos of the Special Operations Force of the Pakistan Air Force, Special Service Wing (SSW) is busy in clearing the airbase.

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