• Pakistan Air Force (PAF) used one of its C-130 transport aircraft equipped with the FLIR Systems Star Safire III EO/IR sensor ball to track the movement of terrorists.

  • Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafiq Butt has called in the meeting of the senior staff of the PAF to assess the situation and is likely to meet the army and naval chiefs later today.
  • Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafiq Butt has ordered investigation of the terrorist attack on PAF base.

  • One member of the security force of the Pakistan Air Force have embraced Shahadat during the operation against the terrorists as per PAF spokesperson.
  • Terrorists were using Ak-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles, hand grenades and other weapons.
  • Chinese engineers were present at the PAF Minhas Airbase / Kamra Air Base.
  • All seven terrorists involved in the attack has been killed by the Pakistani security forces headed by the Special Operations Force of the Pakistan Air Force, Special Service Wing (SSW).
  • One of the dead terrorist is believed to be a foreigner.
  • None of the aircraft was damaged during the attack by the terrorists (this news has been contradicted by the PAF spokesperson and it has been confirmed that one aircraft was damaged in RPG attack by the terrorists)
  • Earlier its was reported that all aircrafts are safe but PAF spokesperson has said that one of the aircraft of Pakistan Air Force was damaged in RPG attack by the terrorists. It is yet not clear if damaged aircraft was IL-78P Mulit Role Tanker or C-130 Transport aircraft.
  • RPG was fired from outside the airbase.
  • Base commander of the PAF Minhas Airbase / Kamra Air Base Air Commodore Azam Mahmood was injured when he visited the frontline of the operation.

  • Metting headed by the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafiq Butt and attended by the senior PAF officials have just ended.
  • 8th Terrorist Killed 

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    1. May Allah tala bless Pakistan and our security forces Ameen and save us from ill intentions of enemies :( Ameen sum Ameen

    2. I hope they will publish the pictures of those terrorists so everyone can see there identity...

    3. What type of aircraft was damaged?

    4. It was already notified by Intelligence agencies that terrorists are planing to attack One of PAF Air Base, then why not the security was tightened more? But I'm confident that our SSW is Extremely Professional fighting forces and they managed to foil terrorists attack at one of the very Important Base. EVERYONE knows that these Modern JF-17 Thunders our neighbor can not digest the successful Transformation of PAF. And these Modern fighters are only Irritant to IAF/RAW. Pakistani authorities should warn to India if these kind of attacks are carried out by sponsored terrorists then answer will be like Mumbai attacks of which you are Afraid till today. PROUD OF PAF, AND PAKISTAN-CHINA FRIENDSHIP which can not be affected by these attacks.

    5. Saab-2000 was reportedly damaged in the attack, this aircraft will be repaired in-house by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex

    6. My dear,

      What i dont understand is anyone can fire a bunch of RPGs from outside the base and damage a few dozen aircraft there? What sort of base security is that? Same thing happened when karchi naval base was attacked -- exactly. When will we learn.

      If an outsider can throw an RPG and run away, no one would know who did that.

      I also dont understnad why our military installations tend to be in civilian areas all the time. Half of shara faisal karachi is army/navy/airforce installations in the midst of the city. Enter cantt. leave cantt. enter cantt. leaving cantt. these are the boards you see all over the city. Even the ordinance depot is clearly marked with directions on rashid minhas road.

      We also dont have city wide video systems that can tell us from where people came from the city, where they visited and their routes etc.

      We continue to debate drone attacks but never acquire drone technology to do video surveillance of our cities and critical defense installations.

      We are an illiterate and insensitive nation, living day to day and hour to hour.

    7. Hope pak aeronalitical complex personnels repair sab 2000 aircraft as soon as possible............

    8. can the other aircraft pc3-orion be also repair ....... is there any news about that...........


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