"I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, and eventually with Allah's wish and the full support of my parents, I made it this far 
Saba Khan
Pakistan Air Force is the most respectable field for women to serve, provided they are given all pre requisite education and training. These words were expressed by the Flight Lieutenant, Pakistan Air Force Saba Khan.

 She said that she was the first in the batch of four pilots in Pakistan Air Force with great support and encouragement by her family. She said PAF is the best profession for women to opt for and she would advise girls to join this field. She said PAF training is very tough as flying itself is very demanding and it's very challenging physically and mentally adding final handling training is really very tough in this regard. 

She appreciated PAF's decision about women's inclusion in PAF and was of the view that what matters is the expertise and not the gender as male or female in any field. She added that we are proud to be able PAF's graduate pilots. She said although there is a tough training in this field but she never compromised on physical training and now she is one of the best flying pilot in PAF.

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