Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (MSA) has its headquarter in Karachi and is in charge for patrolling Pakistan's territorial waters. Maritime Security Agency was established on 1st January 1987.MSA has a fleet of small crafts and MSS NAZIM (Gearing Class Destroyer) serves as a flagship. MSS NAZIM was transferred to Pakistan Maritime Security Agency by the PN in 1998.

Last year United States provided five 13-meter (42-foot) Fast Patrol Boats to MSA. These Fast Patrol Boats are equipped with two 565-HP diesel engines which allow these boats to travel at high speed of 72+ kilometers per hour. These boats can operate up to 555 kilometers offshore. United States has provided total of 9 such Fast Patrol Boats to the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency along with spare parts.

MSA also operates Fast Patrol Boats like 38.75 meters long MSS SADAQAT, an old Shingiang Class boat with displacement of 186.50 Tons. It was commissioned on 25 June 2005. MSS SABQAT was inducted on 1 Jan 1987 while 117.40 Tons MSS RAFAQAT inducted on 1st Jan1998.

MSA also have four 435 Tons Corvettes which has range of 2775 kilometers at economical speed of 22 kilometers per hour. MSS BARKAT was commissioned on 29th December 1989 and because it was first ship of the class, all four corvettes in MSA are known as BARKAT class ships. It was officially inducted in Maritime Security Agency surface fleet on 4th February 1990.

MSS VEHDAT was produced by the Chinese Huangpu Shipyard in 1989 and inducted in MSA on 13 June 1990. MSS NUSRAT was produced by the same shipyard in Dec 1989 and inducted in MSA on 13 June 1990. Fourth ship of the class was MSS REHMAT and it was commissioned on 4th February 1990.

Maritime Security Agency‘s first Maritime Surveillance Squadron was established on 23 June 1988. As an interim measure this squadron was equipped with F-27 Fokker aircraft for maritime surveillance. First dedicated Maritime Surveillance Aircraft of MSA Air Wing, 93 MSA Squadron was Defender Aircraft. Second such aircraft was inducted in 1994 and the third Defender aircraft was commissioned in 93 MSA Squadron in 2004.
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