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Pakistani Air Force and its Chinese counterpart ‘People's Liberation Army Air Force’ (PLAAF) have conducted a joint air drills named ‘Shaheen-1’. This was the first time that a Chinese air force contingent was deployed to Pakistan for a joint air exercise.

Chinese contingent included fighter jets, pilots and support staff, both side focused on learning from each other’s experiences and skills to enhance their own capabilities. So far both sides have refined from disclosing any sort of details about the types of aircraft used by PAF and PLAAF, nature of missions performed and location of this joint drill.

Recently Pakistan air force has inducted two squadrons jointly developed JF-17 Thunder multi-role fighter. Last year, Pakistan air force participated with its JF-17 Thunders in Chinese Air Show in Zhuhai. Pakistan air force plans to induct around 250 such aircrafts.

Both countries are also working on a stealthy version of aircraft which is likely to enter into production after the 2nd or 3rd batch of JF-17 Thunders have been delivered to PAF. Both countries are already in contact with number of countries to increase the chances of exporting the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets.

Pictures from ‘Shaheen-1’ Air Exercise between PAF & PLAAF Part-I

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