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  1. Look at them. Now they are looking like real Marines. Why Pak Navy is not Modernizing its Marine's Unit? This a lot more than neccesary. Atleast after this Marine's threat from the Eastern Side which is yet another one since year on and on now Pak Navy most focous on Modernizing it Marine's Unit with more better equipments and Tech to the Pak Marine's Soldiers. Give them more boat and hovercrafts to increase their Patroling. Deploy more good weapons then this and make them the real Marines. Those Marines who are always ready for encountering Difficult, Tricky and Daring tasks. With high training and responsibility. Pak Navy should think about it and should start Modernizing the Pak Marines Unit with hight tech Modernization because this is ZAROORI and they must start it from now.

  2. digital camouflage is different from other commandos


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