ISI chief Lt-Gen Zaheer-ul-Islam has left for Washington to hold talks with his CIA counterpart David Petraeus, the first meeting between the spy chiefs amidst persisting tension between the two countries.

Lieutenant General Zaheer-ul-Islam would hold talks in Washington on August 1-3 with his CIA counterpart

He is expected to "strongly articulate" the viewpoint of ISI to the US lawmakers, who, of late, have been strongly critical of the spy agency's role in the war against terror.

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  1. Pakistan is been fighting war and has sacrificed far more than any other country of the world. Rather than appreciations ISI and Pakistan Armed forces are criticized by USA because USA wants to make Pakistan a scapegoat and is Blackmailing. USA is sponsoring terror to DE-stabilize Pakistan specially it's province Baluchistan which is Great Geo-political importance today. Illegal Drone strikes are not tolerable to Pakistani people because Drone Strikes are counterproductive and cause deaths of thousands of innocent tribes men. USA should allow Pakistan to deploy F-16s at FATA so that Pakistan can counter terror more effectively with precision strikes in day and night as well with the help of F-16s capability. US Must be careful and concern about Pakistan's sovereignty and avoid aerial violations which will cause the World War III and will affect on effort against war on terror and the whole region will be disturbed a lot. ISI Chief should convey the message of people of Pakistan that "IF USA does more then Do More, Otherwise NO MORE...!!! from Pakistani side and say BYE BYE to USA/NATO and shut the NATO supplies again.

  2. مردود اپنی تنخواہ لینے گیا ہوگا۔ یہ تو شکل سے ہی کسی ملٹی نیشنل کمپنی کے لیے غنڈہ گردی کرنے والا لگ رہا ہے


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