The supersonic CM-400 AKG long range anti ship and land attack missile was first displayed along with the at the JF-17 Thunder /FC-1 Xiaolong fighter jet at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, Zhuhai 2012 Air Show.

The CM-400 AKG missile ha been developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) as a light weight, high speed, long range, air launched missile capable of destroying ground and maritime targets with precision.

The CM-400AKG missile is a fire and forget weapon with range of 180 to 250 kilometers. It is available with different seeker options depending upon the mission profile. Chinese side seems to be offering an active radar seeker and an imaging infrared seeker capable of target-recognition (TR).

It is a single stage, solid rocket-powered high speed missile which can carry penetrator or blast / fragmentation warheads to destroy the fixed or slow moving ground and maritime targets. CM-400AKG can be  pre-programmed to destroy the ground targets with percision by uploading the digital imagery of the target or it can be retargeted using its active radar seeker.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has become the first export customer for supersonic CM-400AKG missile. The Deputy Project Director of the JF-17 Thunder/FC-1 Xiaolong fighter jet program, Air Commodore Mahmood Khalid has said, "This is a mature weapon that has been fully tested. It is not conceptual. It is in service. It hits the target at Mach 4 or above and its kinetic impact alone is enough to destroy any high-value target, like an aircraft carrier. The CM-400AKG is a very high-speed missile that is very difficult to intercept."

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