Pakistan Navy's F-22P “PNS Shamsheer” guided missile frigate and P-3C Orion anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft are participating in Turkish “Mavi Baline-12” joint naval exercise. Turkish “Mavi Baline-12” joint naval exercise is being held from November 5 to 14.

The  PNS Shamsheer frigate will stay at Aksaz Naval Base till 8th November and then move on to the  Antalya. This joint naval exercise will improve the capabilities if both navies and strengthen their efforts form promoting peace at high seas. Pakistan Navy (PN) is a regular contributor to the Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan (CMCP) and has commanded the Coalition Task Force-150 5 times.

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  1. usmani38496@gmail.comDecember 10, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    Can you give some insight on 053-f-22 frigate how is it rated by Pak Navy & our adversery Indiag


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