Pakistani ambassador Zamir Akram has strongly criticized the international community for its "discriminatory" actions regarding the nuclear program of India. He said the "discriminatory waiver" given to the India by the Nuclear Suppliers Group will allow India to increase its nuclear material stockpile for the manufacturing nuclear warheads.

He was addressing the disarmament conference organized by the UN. He said that such moves are helping India to increase its nuclear bomb making facility thus placing Pakistan at disadvantage. As reported earlier by the Pakistan Military Review, despite strong pressure from the US, Pakistan has blocked the FMCT negotiations because of such concerns.

Pakistani ambassador said that certain nations are violating each and every national and international laws regarding nuclear non proliferation just to accommodate India in the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

He said that Pakistan will not agree for the negotiations on the nuclear Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty as it allows India unfair advantage because of the favor granted by the US and other countries.

Pakistan has taken a stance that they can’t start the negotiations for the verifiable FMCT as this treaty doesn’t addresses fissile material stocks possessed by India and other countries.

He said with recent civilian nuclear agreement by US and other members of international community, India will be able to use the nuclear fuel could be used for military purposes which will enable it to produce as many as 40 nuclear warheads every year. He said that because of the lop-sidedness in the FMCT India will be able to redirect its stockpile of nuclear fissile material for making nuclear warheads.

He said that it is quite amazing as NSG itself was created after Indian nuclear test in 1974 and now India is being assisted to become a member of NSG without joining the NPT.

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