Pakistan Navy’s Frigate PNS Alamgir (F 260) has arrived at Golcuk Naval Base in Turkey. PNS Alamgir (F 260) is a Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate which was previously called USS McInerney by the US Navy (USN). USN retired the USS McInerney on 31 August and it was immediately re-commissioned into the Pakistan Navy (PN) at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, and USA.

Before reaching the Turkish Naval Base 'Golcuk ' PNS Alamgir (F 260) has already made port calls in Bermuda (UK), Azores (Portugal), Cadiz (Spain) and its next stop will be in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and last stop before reaching Pakistan on 13 May 2011 will be in Salalah (Oman).

PNS Alamgir (F 260) wil help the Pakistan Navy in its efforts to provide the nation with enhanced maritime security. Currently frigate is on its way to Pakistan from United States. During its passage to its new home in Pakistan PNS Alamgir (F 260) is scheduled to visit various ports of the friendly countries.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) will leave the will stay at the Turkish Golcuk Naval Base Base on 24 April 2011 after participating in different harbor and sea exercises with the Turkish Navy. Both Pakistan and Turkish navies have a very good relationship and last month Turkish Navy took part in AMAN-2011 Pakistani Naval Exercise.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) is a 4,100-ton vessel which was provided to the Pakistan Nay under 'hot transfer' following an agreement between United States and Pakistan. Alamgir class is planned to include another seven surplus warships of Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates from US Navy.

USS McInerney was commissioned by the navy of United States in December 1979 and later on Mk 13 launchers which were used to launch SM-1MR air defense missiles and RGM-84 Harpoon antiship missiles were removed.

This leaves just torpedoes and a 76mm naval gun for offense, and the 20mm Phalanx CIWS as the ships’ main defensive weapon. Pakistan navy has opted for fixed RGM-84 Harpoon missile launchers to enhance warships surface attack capabilities. Unless Pakistan Navy starts an extensive upgrade project, Alamgir Class will lack anti air capabilities.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) refurbished at BAE Systems Southeast Division (formerly Atlantic Marine Florida) in Jacksonville, Florida and Pakistani crew completed its training to operate the ship under USN instruction. Whole package was provided to the Pakistan navy at cost of around USD78 million. Warship suffered heavy damage to its bow when it lurched forward during an engine test and slammed into the pier.

30 years old PNS Alamgir (F 260) got a extensive overhaul to her systems. All the diesels engines and SQS-56 sonar of the PNS Alamgir have received a complete overhaul. A navigation suite has been installed. After inducting the PNS Alamgir on Aug 31, 2010, Pakistan Navy has joined eight other navies which operate Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates.

PNS Alamgir is 445 feet long and displaces 4100 tons. Warship can attain and sustain speeds of over 30 knots and is capable of performing Anti-Surface and Anti-submarine Warfare. It is equipped with the 76mm automatic gun for use against both air and surface targets. PNS Alamgir can carry 2 helicopters for Anti-submarine and Anti-surface Warfare.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) will part of the 18th Frigate Squadron of Pakistan Navy Fleet and it is the third ship to use this name. After reaching Pakistan it will join the Pakistan Navy Maritime Patrol mission as part of Coalition Maritime Forces counter-narcotics and counter-terror operations (CTF-150) as well as counter-piracy efforts around the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea (CTF-151).

Project to Induct 'PNS Alamgir' in Pakistan Navy Suffers a Setback

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