Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas was on phone when he heard the news of terrorists attack on the PNS Mehran Naval Base. Terrorists with their sophisticated assault weapons and night vision googles were able to evade the surveillance cameras and entered the base by cutting the barb wire fence.

They went straight for their planned target, Pakistan Naval Aviation’s P-3C Orian aircrafts. They fired their RPGs at this big four-engine aircraft and one of them was able to hit directly to the aircraft which set the aircraft on fire.

This fire led to the destruction of another P-3C which was in close proximity of the burning aircraft. Blasts of RPG hitting the aircraft and the explosions of its fuel tank were heard in many parts of the Karachi.

Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas was leader of the Rapid Response Force at the base and immediately responded to the alarm and rushed to the scene with his team members. Syed Yaser Abbas’s Rapid Response Team arrived at the scene within three minutes of start of attack and confronted the terrorists.

He along with his Rapid Response Team started the counter-attack to push the terrorists out of the Naval Base and managed to secure hanger full of expensive aircraft including additional P-3Cs, Helicopters and 17 foreigners which included six Americans and 11 Chinese present at the base before being killed in the line of fire.

Yaser’s friends say that this is what he always prayed for, being a martyr was his goal and he achieved it in flying colors. His friends say that he was greatly inspired by legendry act of the Rashid Minhaas *Shaheed* who knowingly that he would die destroyed his aircraft to avoid it being taken to India by rouge instructor.

Now, Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas himself is a legend like young Rashid Minhaas and gave his life protracting this nation from the danger of terrorists. Recognizing the immense courage shown by the Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has recommended to give this brave son of Pakistan the biggest award which a soldier can hope for, Nishan-e-Haider (نشان حیدر ). He said that “We are proud of our these brave men”.

He will be the first recipient of Nishan-e-Haider from Pakistan Navy.

Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas was the only son of Mr. & Mrs. Jaffer Abbas and only brother of thee sisters and was all set to get married in four months. Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas had last visited his family during Eid ul Fitr in 2009.

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  1. I have no words to decribe my sorrow. I believe it is the blood of men like Syed Yaser Abbas that revive nations. May Allah grant him peace now that he has finally attained what he wished for.

  2. He was certainty a brave son of the motherland which shows that while there are terrorists who give their life to destroy Pakistan, there are people like Syed Yaser Abbas who will give their life to protract Pakistan.

  3. -Pray for peace of this young brave officer of Pakistan Navy who fought with terrorists.This is a big loss to the Pakistani Society.

    -Pakistan Society should ,at least now , wake up and defy all sort of state sponsord terorism .

    -Terrorism against or for anybody will not yiled any good for anybody.

    -Vedic teachings says "OM SHANTI SHANTI" (Peace Peace !).

    Anuj Tyagi,India

  4. Pakistani society has become well aware of their true enemies and the time is very near when it will respond to the terrorism imported in Pakistan. Our Shaheeds blood will InshaAllah never ever go in vain. They have actually contributed their part in the forthcoming glory of Pakistan. To every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.

  5. The Jawaans , who have love with their Country , they never be defeated. They gone to Almighty Allah for living their non-endable lives. So keep remember such Jawaans in your Prayers.


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