Statements by the Pakistan Navy at the recently held briefing suggest that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was responsible for providing security to the PNS Mehran as it was housed inside the PAF Base Faisal. Pakistan Navy says that they haven’t yet rule out “inside support and help” for the terrorists.

Pakistan Navy’s briefing stressed that the goal of the investigation is to see who is responsible to for the security breach at the naval base PNS Mehran.Naval officials said that Pakistan Air Force was providing security at the entry gate of the PNS Mehran and terrorists were able breach Air Force security parameters.

Terrorists crossed over the PAF runway where a number of C-130 transport aircrafts were PAF parked and moved towards their planned target of P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft and fired RPGs to destroy them.

Terrorists also attacked the vehicle which was used to rescue the Chinese technicians from the naval base but the security forces were able to move the Chinese to a secure location.

Journalists were also given a tour of the naval base and shown the wall of the air base which was breached by the terrorists.

Naval officials said that adjacent to the two P-3C Orions, several aircraft and helicopters were parked at the naval base but due to quick response by the quick response team, naval special services group and firefighters, terrorists were not able to destroy other aircrafts.

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