Chinese government has offered to provide its advance fourth generation J-10B fighter jets to the Pakistan air force to meet its requirements of high tech fourth generation frontline fighter aircraft. Pakistan has total requirement of 150 front line fourth generation aircrafts which will be met with the induction of Chinese J-10B/FC-20, F-16AM/BM and F-16 C/D Block 52+ fighter aircrafts.

Chinese People Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is already using the Chengdu J-10A/S. J-10B is the advance version of the basic J-10A.

Newer version is considered to be as capable as F-16 Block 60 aircrafts. J-10B uses radome for AESA/PESA, redesigned air intake inlet and new sensors & electronic countermeasures on the vertical tail. Aircraft is also equipped with the new Infra-Red Search / Track (IRST) for passive detection.

Chinese government has renewed their offer to sell J-10 fighter jets to the Pakistan air force during the visit of the Pakistan Army’s Chief of General Staff, Lt Gen Waheed Arshad to China.

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