Under a contract signed with Pakistan, L-3 Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link) will provide 2 F-16C Block 52 Aircrew Training Devices (ATDs) to the Pakistan Air Force.

L-3 Link Simulation & Training’s simulators will be installed and networked at the Pakistan Air Force’s Shahbaz Air Base in 2013. PAF plans to use these F-16C Block 52 ATDs for the training of its fighter pilots.

“These F-16C Block 52 Aircrew Training Devices will be built on proven and cost-effective common hardware and software designs that will enable L-3 Link to deliver a solution tailored to meet Pakistan Air Force training requirements,” explains Leonard Genna, president of L-3 Link.

“These high-fidelity devices will enable a significant percentage of F-16 pilot training to be conducted through the use of simulation.”

Pilots can use the ATDs to practice takeoffs and landings, low-level flight, and emergency procedures. The systems also enable advanced skills training, such as acquiring and identifying targets while delivering a range of ordnance during simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

Engineers with integrate each F-16C Block 52 ATD with L-3 Link’s SimuSphere HD 18-facet visual system display, providing pilots with a 360-degree field of view. The simulators will feature high-definition (HD) databases and image generation systems to provide realistic, relevant training environments.

Both F-16 ATDs will incorporate L-3 Link’s simulated Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System for practicing control of aircraft targeting systems and sensors. Day and night-vision goggle training will be conducted over a geo-specific visual system database of Pakistan.

The two F-16C Block 52 ATDs will be supported by one mission support system, whereas each simulator will have a dedicated instructor/operator station.

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