Former culture minister of France, Donnedieu de Vabres has been arrested for questioning about the kickbacks on Agosta 90B diesel attack submarines (SSKs) deal which may have funded the Edouard Balladur's failed 1995 presidential campaign. Donnedieu de Vabres was a advisor to the defense minister Francois Leotard in 1994 when a deal to sell three Agosta 90B diesel attack submarines to the Pakistan Navy was finalized.
French police has claimed that a firm Marleton Business Inc. which was  set up by Zardari was paid around 5.5 million francs (approximately 838,000 euros) in October 1994 “of which 70% goes to Monsieur Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) and 30% to Monsieur Lodhi (AL).” A second installment of kickbacks of 59.48 million francs (approximately 9.06 million euros) were paid in in December which were “divided into 41.636 million [francs] for Monsieur Zardari and 17.844 million for Monsieur Lodhi”. 

Former Defense Minister of France Charles Millon has already confirmed  in front of the judge that is investigating the killings of 11 French engineers in Pakistan that kickbacks were paid in the Agosta 90B diesel attack submarine deal to the Pakistan.  French engineers were killed in suicide attack on May 8th, 2002.

Ex-Naval Chief Admiral (R) Saeed Muhammad Khan has also said that he  in his capacity as Chief of Naval Staff didn't recommended the purchase of French Agosta 90 B class of submarines as Royal Navy had offered to provide Pakistan Navy with 5-6 Upholder class submarines at price which was less then that of 3 Agosta 90 B class of submarines but PPP government went ahead with the Purchase of Agosta submarines against the recommendation made by the Pakistan Navy.

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