Indian navy ‘s INS Vindhyagiri frigate belonging to the Western Naval Command's (WNC) fleet, designed to search and destroy the submarines and enemy ships was sunk when it was entering the Jawaharlal Nehru Port.

INS Vindhyagiri, was returning from the day at sea for the families of the naval officers and sailors. No casualties have been reported.

This incident happened on the 30 January 2011 when Cyprus’s merchant ship MV Nordlake collided with the Indian frigate head-on when it was leaving the port. Due to this collision frigate suffered a crack in its hull near the waterline and it sank Monday afternoon.

Experts have said that it is surprising for them to know that a ship designed to search, track and destry the enemy ships failed to spot a civilian ship when it was getting so close.

3,000-ton INS Vindhyagiri frigate was 113 meter long and had range of 4000 miles @ 12 knots and was operated by crew of 267 sailors and officers.

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