NATO-led International Security Assistance Force and Afghan National Army fired mortar shells at the Pakistani check post “Bange-e-Dar” in the region of in Ghulam Khan on Wednesday.

This unprovoked shelling resulted in the death of one soldier along with injuries to eight others two of which are in serious condition.

After the death of the soldiers Pakistani security forces returned fire with artillery and rocket launchers and targeted the ISF and Afghan Army’s positions.

It is reported that ISF also fired at the Ghulam Khan Fort and its helicopters violated the Pakistani airspace hovered over the area for some time.

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  1. This is a Blog for the Military news and Truth with facts and figures

    We don't hold grudges against anyone but certainly no Pakistani will ever appreciate the killings of innocent women, men and children or bomb attacks against the mosques and other sacred places by anyone be it Talibans or Americans.

    We condom any such killings and mass murders don't you?

    Think of other Pakistanis as your family and then Answer if you consider it a acceptable?


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