The Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV between the special operation forces of the Pakistan and China has started near Jehlum.

The YOUYI-IV exercise will focus on the sharing of experience, training and tactics between the  Pakistani Special Services Group (SSG) and their Chinese counterparts People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces (Zhōngguó tèzhǒng bùduì).

Top commanders from the  Pakistan Army and People's Liberation Army will also attend the Exercise. 

Pakistani and Chinese General Witness Weapon Display During YOUYI-IV-2011
Chinese Special Operation Forces Reach Pakistan For YOUYI-IV-2011
PLA Soldiers Leave China For Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV
Pak-China Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV Starts Near Jehlum
Pak-China Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV to be Held Next Month

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