Directors General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Athar Abbas has called reports by the wetern media outlets that NATO attacked Pakistani soldier in response to an attack from Pakistan as untrue and excuses. 

He said, "This is not true, they are making up excuses." 

DG ISPR said "By the way, what are their losses, their casualties?"

Aircraft involved in the attack were US AH-64 Apache gunship helicopter and AC-130 gunship aircraft.

The US & NATO's brutal attack continued for almost two hours, even after Pakistani commanders at the bases contacted the ISAF force to stop the attack which resulted in the deadliest toll of Pakistani soldiers slain by US & NATO forces.

Directors General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Athar Abbas said that Pakistani commanders on ground had contacted ISAF  while attack was going on, asking that “they get this fire to cease, but somehow it continued.”

He said "The attack was unprovoked and indiscriminate and There was no reason for it. Map references of all our border posts have been passed to NATO a number of times."

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