Will International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) respond to the Pakistani demand for a apology or will the keep beating around the bush and waste enough time for the things to coll down? Will Pakistan keep the blockage of supply routes to Afghanistan? Will the Pakistani public settle for a condolences? What is the future of US-Pak relationship? These are the hard questions on the mind of every one concerned about Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So far it seems that ISAF is looking to get out of this situation by trying to place blame on others. First came the usual suspects, when western media outlets started quoting  anonymous sources that Pakistani side fired at the US& Afghan forces and provoked the air strike.

But DG ISPR, Maj Gen Abbas was able to shoot this strike down when it was just taking off by saying, "Nato and Afghanistan are trying to wriggle out of the situation by offering excuses. Where are their casualties ?"

Then comes the second suspect that it might have been a mistake as NATO wasn't aware of the Pakistani positions but DG ISPR said, "The two military posts, named Volcano and Golden, were located on a ridge in Mohmand region around 300m from Afghan border (and) their exact location was provided to Nato."

The security analysts believe if current actions of blocking NATO & ISAF supply route, orders to vacate the Shamsi Air Base and diplomatic decisions like boycott of the international conference on Afghanistan in Bonn, doesn't result in a formal apology and concrete steps from ISAF to stop such attacks in future than Pakistani federal government may be forced to more ahead with blocking the free air corridor which allow US and NATO forces for over-flights into Afghanistan.

With ever increasing pressure from the public, Pakistani federal government will be hard pressed to block the air corridor provided to US in case of another attack by the ISAF forces..

Withdrawal of the permission to allow US to use air corridor and  Dalbadin, Jacobabad and Pasni airbases will put serious dent in the air supply and search & rescue operations of joint the CIA-Special Forces Command (SFC) teams.

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