President of the China Aviation Technology Import-Export Corporation (CATIC) Ma Zhiping has confirmed that the JF-17 Thunder will participate at Dubai air show from 13-17 November 2011.

CATIC president Ma Zhiping also said that at the Paris Air Show, CATIC had meetings with ten potentional customers Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  He said that Pakistani air force count send their JF-17 Thunders to the Paris airshow due to unstable political situation in the country.

He said that many of the potential JF-17 Thunder customers already test flown the aircraft.  The JF-17 Thunder is jointly developed by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)Pakistan and China Aviation Technology Import-Export Corporation (CATIC).

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is looking to purchase over 250 JF-17s to replace its Nanchang A-5, Chengdu F-7P / PG and Dassault Mirage III / V fighter aircrafts. 

The JF-17 Thunder fighter jet has already been cleared for PL-12/SD-10A BVRAAM, PL-5E II  & PL-9C WVRAAMs, LeiShi-6 (LS-6) Precision Guided Glide Bomb and integration process for the C-802A antiship missiles is underway.

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