A Mirage-V fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force has crashed during a routine operational training mission near the mountainous area in Uthal area of Lasbela district in the southwestern Balochistan province. 

Fighter pilot, Mohammad Asim Paracha who has been recently promoted to the rank of Wing commander (Wg Cdr) was not able to survive the crash and embraced Shahadat. 

Air Commodore Mohammad Asim Paracha took off in his Mirage fighter jet from Masrur Airbase Karachi, and according to the Initial investigation reports, his aircraft crashed after fire erupted in Mirage-V fighter jet.

Some airframes of the Mirage-V fighter jets are over 40 years old which need immediate replacement.

Pakistan Air Force is already inducting JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to replace their old fleet of F-7Ps, A-5s and French Mirage-III/Vs.

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  1. He was wing commander please correct

  2. Dear he was just promoted few months back. I know him and his family very well. Ranks doesnt matter much in any case. He has embraced SHAHAADAT and may ALLAH accepts his sacrifice. AMEEN.

  3. his name is spelled wrong. piracha


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