Few days after the testing of the Ghauri-I ballistic missile by the Pak Army’s Strategic missile forces, India has replied by testing of two ballistic missiles of its own. India has tested two of its short range Prithvi-II ballistic missiles with success. Missiles were test fired with an interval of one hour between them.

The Prithvi is a short range single stage ballistic missile which uses the liquid fuel. Prithvi’s rocket engine is based on the Russian SA-2 Guideline air defense missiles. Missile is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

1st Prithvi ballistic missile hit its target 280 kilometers away in seven minutes and 2nd missile hit its target some 296 kilometers away in the sea in seven minutes and eight seconds. Indian media has claimed that CEP of the missile is around 20 meters.

From last three India is testing its ballistic missiles at a rate which outpaces the Pakistani missile tests by a large margin. Since the PPP has taken over the government Pakistan has only tested its missiles twice and both tests involved already operational Ghauri-I ballistic missiles. No new missile has been flight tested by this government so far.

It has been already reported by the Pakistani electronic and print media that President Zardari has decreased the funding for the classified strategic weaponization program significantly. This part of the program is responsible for the development and deployment of the nuclear weapons and their delivery systems including the cruise and ballistic missiles.

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