Wikileas revealed the secret deployment of the US Special Ops Units in Pakistan which was previously unknown and denied by both Pakistan and US. These United States’s Special Ops Units are integrated into the Pakistani forces operating in the FATA.

Even though the magnitude of the forces is not big but this is considered as a very noteworthy move from Pakistani side because all such requests in the past were declined. Total of sixteen US Special Force’s operators are in the FATA region.

First such unit consisted of only four Special Forces operators which were deployed in order to help Frontier Corps launch artillery attacks on the terrorist hideouts.

Two additional Special Ops Units were positioned in the area later on. Each of these units had six operators whose job is to provide information to Pakistan Army gathered through the US satellites and Unmanned Arial Vehicles.

From very beginning of the war on terror United States has been pushing the Pakistan to allow its Special Forces operators in the FATA and they are now very happy with the situation.

Special Forces operators from the US have been in Pakistan from last two years but were mostly restricted to the training Frontier Corps and Special Services Group of Pakistan Army. This makes these three units as first combat deployment of American troops on the Pakistani soil.

It is understood that this move came only after getting the green light from the top leadership of the Pakistan army.It is clear that after these deployments there is significant increase in the attacks through the Unmanned Arial Vehicles.

This move a very significant move because earlier the demands about such deployments were denied due to the sensitivities in Pakistan about its sovereignty.

It is estimated that over 700 people died last year because of these attacks from Unmanned Arial Vehicles. Pakistani public and media has raised question about possible high civilian causalities in such attacks and asked several time to allow them to independently verify the reports of deaths of militants and civilian. This request is still not granted and area remains closed to media.

As reported earlier at the Pakistan military Review, couple of years ago interior minister of Pakistan had asked the US to stop such strikes for some time but Pakistani Prime minister Gilani said there is no need to stops as long as Talibans are being killed. He also said that his coalition government will complain about drone attacks in the National Assembly and then everyone will stop thinking about it.

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