Pakistan Army’s Strategic Force have tested the liquid fuel Ghauri-I ballistic missile. This missile is designed to deliver the conventional and nuclear warheads at a distance of 1300 kilometers.

Missile was test fired by the Strategic Missile Group which is assigned with duty to be ready to retaliate against the enemy with conventional and non conventional warheads if go ahead is given by the National Command Authority (NCA) of Pakistan. NCA is headed by the Pakistani Prime Minister and control all the matters related to the nuclear weapons program of Pakistan. This missile group is part of the Pakistan Army’s Strategic Force which forms the land based nuclear deterrence against the Indian nuclear forces.

Prime Minister Gilani along with the other guests was present at the launch site to observe the operational capabilities of the Strategic Forces of Pakistan.

Ghauri ballistic missile was developed by the Pakistan with active help from the North Korea which provided design of its Nodong missile. Project was started to act as interm solution capable of hitting most of the Indian cities until more capable Pakistan designed solid fuel missile Shaheen-II can become available.

Unlike its North Korean and Iranian versions, Ghauri-I has a much better success rate. Almost all of North Korean and many of Iranian tests have resulted in failure. Ghauri-I carries a NESCOM’s specially designed Re-entry vehicle to hit its targets more accurately.

Pakistan has also developed a longer range version of Ghauri called Ghauri-II with range of 2300 kilometers. Work on the Ghauri-III was terminated once the advance missile like Shaheen-II was cleared for production few years ago.

Shaheen-II is a solid fuel missile which can be fired at notice of few minutes as it requires little preparation time. Shaheen-II carries a much more advance Re-entry vehicle which carries a terminal guidance system designed to accuracy of less than 50 meters.  Work is already underway on the development of Shaheen-III ballistic missile which will have range of 4000 kilometers. Single Shaheen-III missile will be able to multiple nuclear warheads to counter the projected Indian missile defense shield.

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