A Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter belonging to the Indian Air Force (IAF) has crashed in the Jammu Kashmir a couple of days ago. All the eight personal on this helicopter were able to survive the crash. This is the first crash of the Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter in Indian air force.

Indian Air Force had ordered six Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter of which four were delivered by 1989 and order for the remaining two was canceled later on. Mi-26 Heavy Lift Helicopters can carry a maximum payload of 20,000 kg which is equal to that of C-130 transport aircraft.

Indian Air Force (IAF) has already issued a Request for proposal to replace the Mi-26 helicopter with new Heavy Lift Helicopters. Indian air force wants to purchase 15 such helicopters in first phase.IAF have sent the RFP for Heavy Lift Helicopters to the Boeing for their Chinook CH-47F and Sikorsky for their CH-53 and Russians for their improved Mi-26s.

In 2011, Indian Air Force (IAF) will also start receiving first of 139 Mi-17-V5 heavy lift helicopters on order from Russia. Indian Air Force is also looking to purchase 22 heavy gunship helicopters.The RFP has been sent by the IAF to the Boeing for its AH 64D Apache, Bell AH-1Z and Russia for Mil Mi-28.

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